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Singing lessons in Amsterdam

Did you ever want to start singing but you never dare to book your first lesson? I am here to help you and guide you through this beautiful journey! 

My name is Nair, I am professional singer, I have a BA degree in voice and I studied for over 12 years the classical singing technique which helps not only to sing classical but also popular music and musical theatre.

The past years I coached students of all different musical backgrounds and ages. Like for example professionals in the Musical Theater field and well known pop mega influencer voices from Buenos Aires. I worked for more than 5 years in "Escuelas de Comedia Musical Valeria Lynch" and before comming to The Netherlands I had the honor to coach for over 2 years The National Congress Library Choir.


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Shadow on the Wall

4 lesson package €240

8 lesson package €450

1 Lesson €70      

Shadow on the Wall

Group of 4 €40 pp

Group of 3 €45 pp

Duo €50 pp

*per lesson

* All prices include btw/vat

The Studio

All lessons are given inperson at the studio "Amsterdam Singing Lessons", located at the Q-Factory or in Jordaan area, there is a possibility to go to the students house for a higher fee.

I will accompany you with the piano during the class.



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