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Muziek in de Wind

"The powerful voice of soprano Naïr accompanied by the virtuoso keys of Nicolae" 

Muizek in de wind is a classical music ensemble from Amsterdam co-funded by Nicolae Stiuca (accordion) and Nair Gimenez (voice) in 2020, with the aim of share their passion for music. The ensemble performs Opera, tango, and music of the romantic period. The versatility in their repertoire lies on playing the music they love and causes emotions in people. 

Our audience frequently tells us that "we made their day" we made them feel "goose bumps" and that our music touched their souls, that is our gratest gift and we can not wait to keep sharing music togehter.

Since decades accordion and voice have been the perfect combination to share music in an intimate way by having the ability of moving easily without any bounderies, it creates a close and unique connection with the audience, the beautiful sound of accordion and the opera singer voice enrich themselves with multiple colors to create a unique musical experience

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